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Sunday, June 29th, 2008
3:10 am
Moderation Staff and "Bosses"
What's that you say? "What do you mean, 'Boss?'"

Bosses are essentially just mod-NPCs... but mostly without the "NP" part. The big bad, Majora, probably won't be active enough to count as a character--his posts will be 90% dedicated to causing (and OoCly explain) events. But aside from your resident head mod, each of the staff will play one particular character to whom Majora took enough of a liking to make them a lackey, with lesser versions of the power that protects Majora himself from harm in exchange for occasionally doing some odd jobs for him. Bosses logically pretty much have to be chaotic evil, but really, that's all mod affair.

No, don't worry, this isn't favoritism. It's just an attempt to make the typical NPC system a little more interesting. For the most part the Boss characters will interact normally with everyone else. But when push comes to shove, they have a bit of a one-up. This is just one more way the normal characters are getting cosmically bullied--and as I believe we've established, this RP is going to be heavy on that.

Skull Kid/Majora
Big Bad/Endboss/Antagonist NPC
Mod Playing: Ethan (links?)
Mod AIM: Grave Mask
2:45 am

--No Godmoding leave that to Majora.

--Be vaguely literate, for God's sake.

--Keep the drama to a minimum.

--You do not control the actions or well-being of any other characters but your own.

--A character that is acceptable to play in Clock Town is a fictional character from something that has been published in some official sense in their canon form, alive or dead canonically (sure we do revivals), that is not already being played in the RP. In other words: no real people, no OCs, no fan-AU, no duplicates, probably no mythology. Books, anime, manga, video games, comic books, TV, movies, plays, drama CDs, whatever makes a semblence of sense. Be reasonable.

--No pairings restrictions, just keep warning tags and friend-locks nearby in case of an emergency.

Specific Rules and Regulations

--Clock Town is a general RP as far as genre goes, but being honest? It leans towards crack. Crack, for the most part, at the expense of the characters we have so sadistically trapped here. If you want to play a character you take very seriously or feel protective of or something, or for whatever reason are opposed to heavy muse abuse, this is not the place you're looking for.

--Starting character limit is five. Systems of gaining additional character slots tend to be complicated, but us mods live to serve, so we'll get working on a system if and when it becomes necessary.

--Yes, you can reserve and request characters. Scroll down on the profile page.

--The method behind the madness: events. Every once in a while, especially if things are getting slow, something strange, almost always magical and malevolent, and usually ridiculous happens. For the most part this will be Skull Kid/Majora's mischief and will happen fairly regularly on a mass basis, but if you do something to really draw attention to yourself--or are just being really really boring, in Majora's opinion--he may fling personal curses around. Sometimes it'll be Termina's natural state of affairs doing something unusual--say, for example, the annual festival. The purpose of these OoC are to promote activity and liven things up, and, again, to abuse the characters. They'll generally be announced in partially-IC posts by Boss characters in the main community.

--Got a problem with the way someone else plays? Commentary Post. It'll get to them anonymously.

--We do first-person journal format, with voice and action posts and everything. You may be asking now what exactly the IC-journals are. Don't do that. A wizard did it. Even if we gave you some cursory description of the device like all the cool RPs do, it'd rarely come up, your characters would magically know exactly how to use it, and there would be little distinction between written, voice, and action unless the situation calls for it. What do you want from me? Assume there's a dusty old empty magical book in every room in the Stock Pot Inn for written post purposes and just try not to think about it.

--Journal posts go in character journals. The comm is for OoC posts like introductions and hiatus announcements.

--On that note, Private and Filtered posts work however you want. Just specify clearly who can or can't see it.

--There is a log community (LINK when not too lazy to make it)

--For the most part rules about specific game features will be explained on the post for said feature. For your convenience and all that.
2:44 am
Need-to-Know Information
Okay, really, almost all the information linked to on the profile is more or less on a need-to-know basis if you're going to function consistently in the game. This is more miscellaneous but important information about the specific nature of Clock Town.

--Characters are trapped in an alternate dimension called Termina. All of Termina seems to highlight two major themes: masks, and bizarreness. Of course the bizarre is relative, but most characters are going to be thrown off at least every once in a while. But masks are a cultural thing. They're key in all the religious and traditional ceremonies, and masks said to possess various sorts of magical power are all but ubiquitous. It'd be unwise to put one on at random to test these claims--as many as not are decidedly on the dark end of the magical spectrum. Which brings us to our next point.

--Your character was brought here by whatever means imaginable by a forest imp called Skull Kid. Apparently. There are rumors that that creepy mask he hasn't taken off for months has something to do with his nefarious behavior recently. The nefarious behavior, and the godlike powers. Oh, wait, should I have mentioned that earlier? Reality is the Skull Kid's--or Majora's--toy. Again, a good segue.

--Characters have no power limitations on them by default. Their intact powers just won't have a lot of effect on Majora and the Bosses. This lasts exactly as long as the powers that be feel that your amusing-to-threatening ratio is safe. Lunge at a Boss, and you'll most likely black out and wake up somewhere upside-down, possibly naked, to eventually find your ego weapon dangling from the top of the clock tower. You can generally get it back, with considerable risk and effort... generally. Behave, now, children. I absolutely guarantee you violence is not the answer. (If said powers are really disruptive just by virtue of being available--say, you pilot a giant mech bigger than most of the buildings in Termina, or you're free to travel between dimensions on your own; those will be removed permanently as of arrival. Please do the mod staff a favor and specify any powers that might interfere with the flow of the game in your app. Sorry.)

--Clock Town, the namesake of the RP. It's the geographical center and capital of Termina and the most bustling, most human settlement. It's generally the central hub where characters will hang out, but they're free to spend time in any of the other locations(LINK).

--No, the moon isn't falling. Unrelated scheme. This is sort of AU on the part of Termina itself--not particularly before or after Link come to town destroyed Majora, and Majora's evil plans are much more static and torturous than ambitious and apocalyptic.

--You do not have to have played Majora's Mask to function in the game. Go play it anyway. It's amazing.
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